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Letter from the Principal


Welcome to Lynnwood Elementary School!  

We are very proud and honored to be of service to you and your family and work hard every year to make this our greatest year ever!  As our mission statement proudly proclaims, “Lynnwood elementary School is a diverse learning community committed to excellence in academics, ingenuity, and personal character.”  We strive to provide every student with the best supports possible to maximize their success.  To do this thrilling work, it takes a village, and each person plays a critical role in our learning community.  

A is for Academics:   

The way that students learn could be very different than the way you experienced your own education.  In order to aid our families in supporting our students in their academic success, we want to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge that will help you keep your Leopard(s) on target for success.  

At Lynnwood, we use the Common Core Standards and work to give our students a strong academic foundation while developing their creativity and critical thinking skills. Our teachers are committed to learning each child's strengths and needs. From this information, they create a classroom environment that both challenges and supports every student. Be sure to attend our community learning events throughout the year as we empower our families to promote excellence for all our students.  

B is for Behavior:

In order for a child to reach success, they must be ready to learn.  Gaps in behavior are just like those in academics.  When gaps exist, opportunities for academic successes are dramatically diminished. What does Lynnwood Elementary do to combat these challenges?  It is no easy task.  As with academics, we continue to set high expectations and meet all children where they are, growing their social emotional regulation skills, skills for learning, and their citizenship within our community.    
Ultimately, when students feel safe, secure, cared for, and additionally have consistent expectations, we know they are ready to learn and achieve.  Our teachers and students work diligently in our Second Step social-emotional curriculum to promote safety and further develop students’ moral aptitude. Second Step’s holistic approach helps students develop empathy and problem solving skills so that they can take an active role in the social-emotional growth and safety of each other.  Furthermore, Lynnwood is working hard to develop common school-wide expectations that inform students about what is expected and how to respond in different situations.  We live by our Lynnwood Pledge and celebrate successes achieved by every student.   

 Above all, we know that positive relationships matter and each child should feel welcomed and valued by the staff members of our school.  These relationships must include a strong and positive connection with you and your family.  Open communication and parent advocacy help us to learn more about our community and how to best serve each student.  

 C is for Culture and Community:

    It is our goal that we are able to make our school the true hub of our community by providing events that are open and cater to the needs of all of our families.  We have a community that is diverse in so many ways.  Collectively, our bilingual and sometimes trilingual students speak about 35 different languages at home representing all parts of the world.  Our make-up also includes different races, places of origin, genders, orientations, religions, and family values. In this diversity, we are working harder than ever to ensure we connect everyone to Lynnwood in a positive way and learn how to best support their child’s success.  In this place, we all belong.

    Whether you are a long time Lynnwood Leopard or new to the school, we encourage you to get involved.  We continue to expand parent involvement and partnership  in our school processes and  welcome school volunteers both in the classroom and around campus.  Have a way that you would like to contribute to our school?  We would love to partner with you!  Also, don’t forget to check out the school calendar to see the many fun and enriching community events that are happening.  
We look forward to having YOU partnered with us in a meaningful way.  You are a key part to ensuring our Lynnwood Leopards…Learn Every Day!