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Mission Statement

Lynnwood Elementary School is a diverse learning community committed to excellence in academics, ingenuity, and personal character.

Diverse Learning Community

We are a microcosm of the world. We are committed to connecting all of our families to our school community in meaningful ways. We are developing our skills and awareness so that we can be contributing members of a global community that is increasingly interconnected.

Excellence in Academics

We are committed to learning. The Lynnwood Elementary staff expects all students to be successful in meeting or exceeding established academic standards. Staff and parents work in partnership to meet each child’s strengths and challenges. Students learn to be responsible for their own education.

Excellence in Ingenuity

We are critical thinkers. We are inspired to use creativity and curiosity in our academic, social, and community responsibilities.

Excellence in Personal Character

We are a peaceful community. We work towards making our school community free from bullying. We learn the value of respecting ourselves and others through the study of character traits. We develop and practice our understanding of being a positive force in our community.