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LWE is not just a building; it is a warm, welcoming and friendly community full of staff who are committed to the growth and education of our children and of parents who give of their time to support.   In the social and academic development of children, both educators and families play integral and overlapping roles. When families and schools work together to help children grow in these areas, they are more likely to be successful. Family engagement is a practice in which families and school personnel collaborate to support and improve the learning and development of children. Sometimes, this practice is referred to as parent engagement, parent involvement, or family-school partnership.


We believe that our families have a very important role. 

  1. Families and parents are the first and most important educators of children. Research indicates that the support parents provide for their children’s learning at home has a greater impact on overall achievement when compared to other forms of involvement. When parents serve as co-teachers, they communicate important messages to their children about the value of education.
  2. Families and parents are sources of energy, leadership and decision making for the school community. Families and community members will be encouraged and given opportunities to offer insight into best practices for their community while providing the necessary external support for integrating project activities with the cultural context of the indigenous community.  Families and community members work with school staff to provide guidance and feedback for activities by offering opinions and/or suggestions for revisions during committee meetings, interviews or by responding to surveys. Research concludes that parents who are involved in leadership roles not only become better advocates for their own children, but for all children.

 LWE is committed to maintaining a strong relationship with you.  By maintaining strong relationships between Home and