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4th grade Native Americans Coastal and Plateau

Links for 4th graders:

Other Links for 4th grade (3x3 links)

HistoryLink: Encyclopedia of Washington History

Map of Native American Tribes in Washington Today

29 Tribes recognized in WA State today

Native American Culture Today

Coastal Tribes Plateau Tribes

Traditional Native American Food of Puget Sound

Northwest Coast Art Collections - Burke Museum

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest – Makah UW collection

Makah Culture and History

Chinook Legends

Daily life of the Plateau Indians - ceremonies, food, tools, clothing, baskets, trade, housing

Plateau Art Collection - Burke Museum

Plateau Region - photographs of Native Americans from Edward S. Curtis collection

Yakama Nation Official Site

Colville Tribes Legends

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest - UW's digital collection

Indian Ed in Washington State - Since time immemorial

Stories and Legends of the Northwest