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Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship

All links from Common Sense Media:

Videos for library lessons Grade 6:

Digital Life 101

Solomon's Story Online Searching (for students): searching effectively and safely, and using good search terms.

Cyberbullying: Be upstanding

Scams and Schemes

Copyright and Fair Use: Explains when and how we can copy from the internet.

Videos for library lessons Grade 5:

Superdigital Citizen 5th Grade

Talking Safely Online

Picture Perfect

What is Cyberbullying?

Videos for library lessons grade 4:

Staying safe and secure in a digital world Three common mistakes kids make on the internet.

Digital citizenship pledge

Strong Passwords

Picture perfect

Videos for library lessons grade 3:

Super Digital Citizen: Guess what mistakes are made

The Power of Words

Rings of Responsibility (no video)

Whose is it, anyway?

Lessons grades 2:

My Online Neighborhood: Three rules to remember when using the internet (animated)

Using Keywords: Which keywords will give you the best results

Screen Out the Mean

Follow the digital trail: What information is OK to have in your digital footprint

Lessons grades 1:

Internet Safety: Going Places Safely

Keep it private: What kind of information should you keep to yourself?

Follow the Digital Trail

Lessons for K

My Creative Work: how to give credit to your own creative work

ABC Searching: How can you use the alphabet to find things online

Other information for parents:

CommonSenseMedia for parentsFind great media for kids by age and type: movies, books, TV, games, apps, websites

How do I keep my kid safe on the internet: Ten written suggestions to students and parents for staying safe.

Online Identity guide: Keeping your child's online identity safe and healthy.

Protecting kid's privacy online (for parents and mature students): protecting your reputation.

Smart online search tips (for parents): Three suggestions for safety.