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Supply Lists

Lynnwood Elementary School Supplies 2023-24 (PDF)

Please make sure your child has the supplies they need   
Depending on how students use supplies, they may be asked to replenish them.


1 Pocket folder 
1 Pronged folder 
1 Box of twistable crayons 
1 Crayola set of 16 watercolors
5 Dry erase markers 
2 Pink rectangle eraser 
6 jumbo Elmer’s glue sticks
1 Pencil Box 

First Grade

(12) Ticonderoga pencils 
3 Elmer’s Glue sticks 
2 Pink erasers 
3 Primary Composition Notebooks 
1 pack Crayola crayons (1 box of 24)
1 pack Crayola markers (10 count)
1 pack Crayola colored pencils 
3 2-pocket folders 
2 Expo dry erase markers 
1 Highlighter 
Earbuds or Headphones 

Second Grade

3 Spiral Notebooks 
Pink Erasers 
Pencils (preferred Ticonderoga) 
3 pocket folders  
Package of Post-its 
Pack of glue sticks 
6 black Dry Erase Markers  
12 pack of colored Markers 
Colored pencils-12 pack 
2 packs of Crayons-24 pack 
Multicultural color crayons 
Ear buds or headphones  (Accepting donations for the class)

Third Grade

36 Pencils 
Pink rectangle erasers (2) 
2 Composition book, standard black & white cover
1 Composition book with graph paper 
1 Folder 
1 Colored markers, washable 12 pack 
Colored pencils 24 pack 
Highlighter (Yellow) 
1 Dry erase marker 
2 Glue Sticks 
Sticky notes 
1 Permanent marker 
Pencil Pouch 
Optional: Headphones and mice 
Optional: Crayons and sketchbook 

Fourth Grade

2 Wide ruled Composition notebooks 
3 Wide Ruled spiral notebooks 
1 Package Colored markers 
1 Package colored pencils (1 box of 12-24)
1 Box of crayons 
12 Pencils 
4-6 Glue sticks 
2 Pink Erasers 
1 pack of wide ruled lined notebook paper S
Supply container (box or pouch) 

Fifth Grade

4 Pocket folders 
2 Composition books 
1 Graphing composition book 
Colored Pencils;  1 box of 12-24 
2 Dry-erase markers 
2 Black Ultra Fine point sharpies 
2 Black Fine point Sharpies 
1 package of 3 X 3 sticky notes (post-its)
2 package of wide-ruled notebook paper
4 Glue sticks 
2 pink erasers 
1 set of earbuds or headphones (optional) 

Sixth Grade

2 Ultra fine Sharpie pens  
3 Packages Notebook paper, wide or college-ruled
3 Composition notebook with lined paper 
4 pocket folders 
3 black “Bic-type” (inexpensive) ink pens 
1 Red correcting pen or pencil 
2 art-gum erasers (those ugly brown ones!) 
4 glue sticks  (non-wrinkling type) 
Colored pencils—12-24 
2 packages of small 3”x3” post-it type notes 
24 pack crayons